Our Vision:
To have students who are:
engaged  -  challenged  -   motivated  -   valued   -   happy

 The tradition that is St. Winifred’s School dates back ninety-five years to its inception.

Today our school boasts a sprawling complex that strives to maintain the foundation of family and community.  Our school is one of the few private schools in Barbados offering both primary and secondary education. With just over 600 pupils from aged three to seventeen, St. Winifred’s School seeks to support, nurture, inspire, motivate and challenge our young people to achieve their very best.

The school welcomes students from the entire spectrum of the Barbadian society, regionally as well as internationally.

Our aim is to provide our students with a firm foundation in education, promoting individual and social development in an atmosphere of warmth, joy and intellectual excitement. We seek to lay the groundwork for our children to become knowledgeable, responsible citizens. We foster in our students a deep respect for themselves and others, an appreciation of diversity, a strong commitment to values, and a lifelong love of learning.

The School will have an online Student Information System from September 2017.  This will allow students to check assignments etc. online and will give parents access to their child/children's school profile and assignments pages.

Principal: Mrs. Kim Lewis
Deputy Principal: Mrs. Barbara St. John

Teaching Staff: 48


Activities at School

  • Independence Activity Day - old time donkey cart
  • Independence Activity Day - Bajan Tattoos
  • Independence Activity Day - hop scotch
  • Independence Activity Day - old time games
  • National Chainlink Event - Transporting our school population was quite an undertaking.
  • Chainlink Meeting Point - the 'woods' at Gemswick, St. Peter.
  • Over 600 of us - students, teachers and parents/grandparents - represented our school for the nation wide event.
  • Chainlink Event - A beautiful day to demonstrate national pride.
  • Chainlink Event - The trident was passed along the human chain.
  • Our Christmas Production of SHREK was a HUGE success!
  • Donating water to help needy citizens
  • Teachers Professional Day
  • Joining Springer Memorial in their chainlink


 St. Winifred's School is well-known for its School Productions which entertain the island and its visitors every other year.  Shows such as Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, The Grinch, Treasure Island, Robin Hood and so many more continue to receive rave reviews from our patrons as well as the media and general public.

This year we our production of SHREK sold out early and received rave reviews from both locals and visitors alike. 

Shrek St. Winifreds

St. Winifred's Presents: Shrek

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